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Can You locate water pipes?

Yes, we are able to identify the location of the water pipes. We use special radar technology that can detect water pipes as they run through your walls, where they're located and how thick they are.

Can you locate Electric and communication wires?

Yes, we can locate electric and communication wires.

Our tool has a built-in metal detector that will allow you to locate both types of wires without any trouble.

Can you locate gas and propane underground?

Yes, we can locate gas and propane underground. This is done using a method called subsurface utility mapping (SUM). We use this method to locate buried utilities so that our customers can be sure they're not digging into them.

Can you locate irrigation?

Yes, we can locate irrigation in your property. Our technology uses a combination of ground-penetrating radar and multi-spectral imaging to identify the location of buried pipes and other infrastructure.

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